Fort Nashborough, Transylvania   

native americansIn the late 1700s, the Cherokee "sold" 20 million acres of land to Judge Richard Henderson's Transylvania Land Company in exchange for household goods. The exchange violated state laws and the Royal Proclamation, but Henderson and a few hundred brave settlers forged ahead to establish the Fort Nashborough settlement. While the Cherokee profited from the deal, other tribes didn't recognize the settlers' claim to the land, and attacks on the settlers were frequent and brutal. In 1785, a formal agreement defined the settlement area between the Cumberland (north) and the Tennessee Valley Divide (south). Revolutionary soldiers were given federal land grants within these boundaries as payment for their service. Some settled here, and many sold their land to more adventurous folks who would homestead in the area, like the family of Thomas Hart Benton. Henderson later tried to get Transylvania's 20 million acres (in Tennessee and Kentucky) recognized as the 14th colony, but all except a small portion of his land claims were denied.


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